Urine Sample – Liquid Gold

urine-play-catch-1024x778-300x227I bet you are wonderin’ why vetmernarians are so interested in your pet’s urine? Well folks, it is liquid GOLD! Yep, you heard me right…GOLD! It gives the vetmernarians a WEALTH of information about your pet’s health. That’s why they don’t freak out when your pet pees in the office…they can USE that pee. And you know they are always asking you to bring a urine sample when you come for a yearly exam. If you didn’t bring one and they can’t get Fido to comply while he is there, they gonna send you home with a cup to get a urine sample to bring back. Yeppers, they want that GOLD! (Editor’s Note: This blog is written by a dog. Please overlook misspellings, poor grammar and use of slang).

I bet you’re asking, “Lulu, what’s so valuable in that urine?” Well, it tells ‘em vetmernarians about possible urinary track inbafections, diabetes, bladder stones, and gives them a snapshot of kidney health. This information is a great dimagnostic tool when we are sick but is also a great part of yearly wellness exams to confirm our good health! This all sounds great until you realize that you have to get the urine out of the dog and to the vetmernarian! This is where I come in. I am a dog in the know, so I will give you hoomans some help on how to collect your pet’s urine sample at home:

  • First off, try to get as fresh a sample as possible.  It’s best if you can get the urine within a few hours of your pet’s appointment.  And once you get the urine, keep the sample in the fridge or on ice in a cooler until time to take it to Cherokee Trail.  The freshness and coolness will give the most accurate results.  Just like me….fresh and cool!
  • Next, you need a collection device.  A shallow tuppermaware-type  container or a soup ladle are good collection devices.  And you probably want to use something that you don’t want back or will use again.  Just sayin’.
  • Now it’s action time!  Put your pet on a leash and head outside to their favorite party spot, ooops, I mean potty spot.  Now, pay attention…the moment will come and GO quickly!  Stay close to your dog and when your dog squats or lifts its leg, place your collection device in the urine stream and score a sample.  Just a note about the difference in boys and girls…in case you didn’t know, their pee-pee parts is different!  For girls, it’s probably best to walk closely behind them and collect the sample from behind.  For boys, walk closely beside them and catch their sample from the side.
  • Once you have the urine, cover the container so it doesn’t get contamininated or spillinated.  See, easy-peesy!

Sometimes your pooch will get stage fright and you can’t get their urine sample at home or the vetmernarian needs to get a sterile sample. In this case, you need to get Fido to Cherokee Trail with a full bladder. Here are some tips to help you with this situamation:

  • Don’t let your dog outside prior to your appointment.
  • When you get to Cherokee Trail, carry small dogs into the office.  For larger dogs, carefully run your dog into the office without giving them time to stop, sniff and pee.
  • Now, sit back, relax and be proud that your dog has a full bladder.  The Cherokee Trail team will be able collect a fresh urine sample!

Don’t freak out if you can’t get a sample and/or your dog sneaks in a piddle before your vet visit. Cherokee Trail’s extra smart doctors have other ways of getting a urine sample. And if that’s not possible, there is always tomorrow.

So, now you are all edumicated about why urine is so important and how to get a sample or help the vetmernarian get a sample. I just wish my pee was real gold…I could be a billimillionaire! And live in a mansion, drive a Beemer, and own every pink dog outfit ever made in size Bulldog! Oh well, my life is pretty awesome just the way it is. Well, I gotta jet! All this talk about urine has made me have to go pee.

Until next time…




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