Pets Provide Emotional Healing

Hey Friends! I have a real treat for you in dis month’s blog! My very own Mama is our guest blogger! Ya’ll already know how wonderful I am, but she is gonna share some more wonderful things about me. So, get some tissues ready and enjoy!

I picked Lulu or Lulu picked me, according to which one us you ask, almost nine years ago. Little did I know how much she would help me when my world was turned upside down. Yes, she is…uh, special. Full of spice, full of herself and most of the time full of bull. But there is a side of her that nobody knows…except me.

Almost five years ago, I was completely knocked off of my feet by illness. Illness that has no cure and is disabling. I went from going 90 miles an hour at work and home to bed bound trying to figure out how to manage an unpredictable illness. It was not easy for this type A personality! I had to learn about my illnesses and how to live with them. I had to grieve my old life and embrace my new life and that is where Lulu came in to save the day.

img_20141016_210957_596-300x225Lulu became my constant companion and a point of happiness on my bleakest days. When I need to sleep all day, Lulu sleeps all day right beside me. When I make it to the sofa to watch TV, Lulu is there to keep me company. On the good days when I make it to the home office to piddle with paperwork, Lulu is right there to help as needed. And I hear that when I am not home, she mopes around and keeps watching for me to come home.

She covers me in kisses, unconditional love and compassion. She is tuned in to my behavior and emotions and can interpret the tone of my voice, body language and gestures. At times, it seems like she looks into my eyes seeking my emotional state and trying to understand what I am thinking and feeling. She listens when I cry, yell, or have snot-slinging fits…and never judges me. She helps me work through my worries.

She is a natural stress reducer with her well timed antics that make me laugh. I have a lot of anxiety over the things that I can’t do but want to do. Lulu helps me by teaching me to live in the moment and let my worries go. She doesn’t worry about what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. She lives in the moment! So, she taught me to be more mindful and to appreciate the joy of the present moment.

Lulu gives me purpose by needing me take care of her basic needs. No matter how I feel, she still needs to be fed, medicated and let out to potty. It makes me feel needed and wanted and takes the focus away from my problems. And her consistent routine gives structure to my day. Caring for Lulu’s needs boosts my morale and gives me a sense of self-worth.

She helped me combat depression with her deep compassion and constant love. Even on the days when she didn’t pick up that I was in the emotional dumpster, she was still there to cuddle and give kisses. Her constant support kept me grounded in hope and staying positive.

Lulu fulfilled my basic need to touch and be touched. Petting and snuggling with Lulu helped calm and soothe me when I was feeling anxious from not being able to do what I wanted to do. Just a good, forced smooch on Lulu and her sigh of disgust made me laugh away my anxieties.

With Lulu as a constant companion, it helped curb the loneliness that I felt from lost friends and missed social activities. And when I do go out, she is always waiting for me with a wagging tail and lots of kisses. She made it clear that no matter what was wrong with me, her friendship was not going anywhere. She is a forever friend.

On my better days, Lulu boosts my vitality by encouraging me to play with her, laugh at her and walk outside with her. She is quite a comedian and has become a professional marshmallow search dog. These little play sessions help boost my energy and brighten my day.

Lulu is quite a character and the part of herself that she shares with her fans is quite different than the Lulu that I have the honor of sharing my life. She is my hero! She is my rock! She is my Lulu!!! My hopes in sharing this blog is that others who are experiencing life changes will recognize the emotional support available to them from their own pets.

Thank you, Lulu, for all you do! Mama loves you so much!


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