Pet Health


Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital provides wellness and preventive care with flea, tick, and parasite prevention. These services are designed exclusively for dogs and cats, from puppies and kittens through the senior stage of life. Our pet health services always meet the high standards of the American Animal Hospital Association.


Wellness Profiles

A physical exam and laboratory testing can provide a wealth of information about the health of our pet patients. Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital offers personalized wellness profiles to all of our patients at the time of their annual physical exam.


Our wellness profiles include an organ function panel, CBC, intestinal parasite exam, thyroid test, urinalysis, and heartworm test. These panels allow us to screen for disease in the earliest stages allowing us to more effectively help our patients. By bundling these tests, we are able to offer these profiles at a significantly lower price than the sum of the individual components.


We highly recommend regular wellness testing to help your pet live a long and healthy life. Contact our hospital for more information about wellness profiles and quality pet health care.