Problems in the eyes or skin of a pet can be quite uncomfortable, and may be indicative of more complex medical issues. The veterinarians at Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital offer skill in diagnosis and treatment, providing comfort and control of these conditions in dogs and cats.

Pet Eye Problems

Any disease or condition in your pet’s eyes may interfere with vision and have an impact on long-term health. Even minor eye problems can lead to serious damage when left untreated. If your dog or cat displays any symptoms of a problem, contact our hospital immediately.

Cat's Eye

Symptoms of Eye Problems in Pets

Some recognizable symptoms of an eye problem include:

  • Pawing at the eyes or face

  • Watery or teary eyes

  • Excessive blinking or squinting

  • Redness or puffiness

With an eye injury, such as a trauma or foreign object embedded in the eye, immediate veterinary attention is always recommended.