Online Pharmacies – Buyer Beware

Make sure you buy safe medications for your pet.

Make sure you buy safe medications for your pet.

Hi, this is Lulu Belle Starr and tonight on Dogline we be investimagating unscroopoolous online pharmacies operating against the law and putting your pets in danger. As a well known celebrity and spokesdog for Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital, I keep my nose to the ground to sniff out any dirt in the pet care industry. And this week, I have unearthed a serious threat to your pets and some shady, good-for-nuttin, scum bags that are breaking the law! Tonight, in my expOsay, I will uncover these scum bags and edumicate you on how to get safe medimacations for your pet.

(Editor’s Note: Lulu is an English Bulldog with a passion for pet owner education…with a dramatic flair. While her mission is good, her grammar, spelling and pronunciation are really bad. Since it is part of her charm, we have decided not to edit her errors).

Online pharmacies offering discount prescription medimacations without a prescription may sound good to some pet owners, but the FDA experts warn that it can be risky to buy drugs online. The FDA has found that some companies sell unapproved drugs and counterfeit products! These sites also make fraudulicious claims, sell expired drugs and dispense prescription drugs without requiring a prescription. Pet owners who purchase these products are putting their pet’s life at risk.

Some foreign online pharmacies advermatise that vetmernary prescription drugs are available to U. S. citizens without a prescription. Folks, there is a HUGE risk in giving your pet a medimacation that has not been FDA approved. This means that the drug has not been tested to be safe and met the guidelines required to be used in pets! Please do not give your pet any drugs that have not been FDA approved!

Other online pharmacies claim that a vetmernarian on THEIR “staff” will “evaluate” your pet by looking over a form that you filled out and then prescribe a drug. Friends, these vetmernarians do not have a crystal ball and can not know your pet’s health condition and needed medimacation without physically examinating your pet! Many prescription drugs are only effective for spacific problems and may actually be harmful to your pet if used without a physical vetmernary examination and diagmanosis.

It is unethical and unlawful in most states, including South Cackalackie, for a vetmernarian to write a prescription or dispense a prescription medimacation without a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship. In order to maintain this relationship, your vetmernarian MUST see your pet regularly. How regularly depends on your pet’s health. If they are on a prescription medimacation, your vetmernarian may need to reexaminate your pet, check blood work or perform other tests to monitor your pet’s response to treatment and determinate if the medimacation needs to be changed.

The good news is that there is a good option for your online pharmacy needs. Cherokee Trail understands that ordering medimacation online and having it delivered to home can be convenient to pet owners. That is why they have partnered with a prescription management service to meet those needs and provide you with safe medimacations and products. On the Cherokee Trail website their is a link to their online pharmacy. Cherokee Trail’s online pharmacy ONLY provides products that 100% gua-ran-teed by the manumafacturer and are safe, quality products. They even instantly handle all rebates for you. So, there is no more mailing in coupons and receipts to get the rebates! It’s just so easy-peasy!

There you have it, folks! For your pet’s health and safety, stay away from those shady, good-for nuttin, scumbag, online pharmacies that have unethical methods. And as always, you can get most of your pet’s medimacations at Cherokee Trail from their on-site pharmacy or have the medicmacation called into your local pharmacy.

This has been Lulu Belle Starr for Dogline. Thanks for listening. Good night!

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