Happy Dogs

Sing it e’erybody…”Because I’m happy. Clap along if you know what happiness means to you.” I. just. L-O-V-E. this song! Cause I’m so happy! And I super dooper love the dog video done to this song by Pharrell Williams, cause all the dogs and that crazy cat are all so happy! It makes me so happy that I can’t help shaking my tail…then my booty…then my whole body! Shake what yo mama gave ya!

Okay, I’m gonna try and calm down and tell you what’s on my mind. See, Valenimatine’s Day is coming up and you’re probably wondering what you could do to make your soul mutt happy. Well, dat’s what I’m gonna tell ya. A bone-a-fide list of things to make your dog so happy they will start dancing. Because it’s a fact: happy dogs live longer, healthier lives! (Editor’s Note: Lulu is an English Bulldog with an underbite that failed English class, so please excuse her grammar and misspellings).

First off, here is a list of basic things that all dogs need to be happy. These are the must haves:

  • Nutritionous, well-balanced food made for our age and body type.  Feed us just enough to keep us lean and fit.  Overfeeding just makes us fat, causes health problems and really doesn’t make us happy.  Don’t show your love by feeding us to death.  And so say no to table scraps…they are just bad for us.
  • Make sure that we have lots of nice fresh, clean water.
  • Keep us sheltered from the weather.  Inside is the best.
  • Get us fixed.  It helps prevent cancer and can help us behave better.
  • Make sure we get plenty of exercise.  Some really cool ideas coming up…keep reading, folks.
  • Clean our ears on a regular basis and take us to Cherokee Trail if we have any discharge.
  • Clip our nails regularly to keep us comfortable and able to dance.
  • Brush our teeth to keep our pearly whites and our whole body healthy.
  • Microchip us in case we get separated from you.  We won’t be happy without our person.
  • Take us to Cherokee Trail  for regular checkups and vacciminations cause sick ain’t fun.

Now, here comes the fun part. Here are 50 things that you can do with your pet to send us over the moon happy:


    1. Hire a dog walker to visit us while you are at work.
    2. Wrap us up in a warm hug.  Snuggle with us.
    3. Open the windows on nice days.  Put the blinds up and let in the light.  Make us a window chair or bench so we can enjoy the outdoors from  inside.
    4. Buy us a great bed and a soft blanket.
    5. Put ice cubes in our water on a hot day.
    6. Read aloud to us.  My mama does this and I love it.  I love a good mystery!
    7. Give us a spa day.  A bath, a little grooming and a full body massage.  Heaven!
    8. Got snow?  Take us sledding!
    9. Got fish?  Take us fishing!  Just keep us away from hooks.  And no eating the fish.
    10. Let us go with you to the mailbox to get the mail.  I love this job.
    11. Surprise us with a brand new toy.  Score!
    12. Get down on all fours and have a structured play session.
    13. Play hide and seek.  Go hide in another room and let us find you and then get all excited when we find you.
    14. Plan a play-date with our favorite four-legged friends.
    15. Give us EAR NOOGIES!!!
    16. Have a photo shoot with us.
    17. Build a backyard agility course and run the course with us.  And then celebrate like mad at the end.
    18. Road trip!  Spend the night in a dog-friendly hotel.


  • Take us hiking.
  • Buy us a new puzzle toy so we can show you how smart we are.
  • Build a fort in the house and get down and play with us in it.
  • Buy us some fuzzy, new tennis balls.
  • Take us on a sniff fest.  Take us for a walk and let us sniff everything that we want to for as long as we want to.
  • Teach us a new trick and then give us tons of rewards once we learn it.
  • Sing to us.  I recommend “Happy.”  But whatever you choose, add our name to the lyrics.
  • Get wet!  Hit the beach, lake or pool.  Set-up a kiddie pool for us.  Turn on the sprinklers and run through them with us.
  • Take us for a bike ride.  But make sure that you buy a special tether to safely connect our leash to the bike.
  • Take us shopping at the pet store.
  • Go outside and look for lizards, frogs and bugs with us.  Again, no eating the findings.
  • Enroll us in an obedience class.  We get to be with other dogs and hoomans.  And it will be a great bonding experience and will build our confidence.
  • Play the find it game.  Turn three small, opaque cups upside down and hide our favorite treat under one cup.  Shuffle the cups around and let us find the cup with our treat.
  • Take us camping!  And Sasquatch hunting.
  • Go for a walk together along a new path that we’ve never taken.
  • Stuff a Kong with peanut butter (make sure that it does not contain xylitol, which is toxic to dogs), freeze it and give it to us as a special treat.
  • Bake us some special homemade doggie treats.
  • Play some fun music and dance with us.  Shake, shake your booty!
  • Take us for a ride in the car.
  • Take us to a dog-friendly park.
  • Hide treats around the house and let us find them.  My mama hides marshmallows and then lets me track them down.  I am a certified marshmallow search dog.  How cool is that?!?
  • Play frisbee.
  • Go for a jog together…not a walk…but a jog!  It’s different.
  • 10481876_798224333545641_8481993822857597858_n-300x225Give us BELLY RUBS!!!!!
  • Take a nap with us.
  • Buy us a water bowl fountain that filters, cools, and aerates our water.  That’s so refreshing!
  • Play fetch.
  • Freeze some can food in ice cube trays for a tasty, frozen treat.
  • Let us chew!  Buy us some good quality chew toys.
  • Unzip our favorite bed and put some of your clothes inside so we can smell you.
  • Have a conversation with us.  With love to listen to you.
  • Tell us that you love us.  We understand exactly what that means.


Just thinkin’ ’bout all those things makes me so happy and excited. Oooh, wait, ooops…I just tinkled a little bit cause I am so excited. Okay, hoomans…start planning. Make some special plans for Valenimatine’s Day with your soul mutt. And don’t stop there…do things to make us happy every day because we love you unconditionally and you are our world. Well, I gotta jet…my mama is calling me. I just know we fixin’ to do something that will make us both happy. “Because, I’m happy. Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth….”

Until next time…




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