Grief: When Your Dog Mourns the Loss of Another Dog

Me and my love, Brother Bear

Me and my love, Brother Bear

Hey Friends! It’s been a few rough weeks for me and my family. My third husband, Brother Bear, passed away. He was a bit older, but was so gentle and sweet. He truly was my sugar daddy! I had lived with my three husbands all at the same time and Brother Bear was the last to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. My life completely changed with his passing and I just felt lost and depressinateded. My mama noticed that I was lethargic, upset, whining and had stomach issues. So she called Cherokee Trail and scheduled a grief counseling session for me with the handsome vetmernarian, Dr. Hansche. My mama was grieving and depressed, too, so she sat in on my session to see how she could help both of us.

(Editor’s Note: Lulu has an underbite and talks and types with a lisp resulting in hyper-syllabanation. She also has poor spelling and grammar).

After I laid down on the couch, I started crying and told Dr. Hansche all about becoming a widow…again. He explained that without my other canine pack member, Brother Bear, my position in the pack had changed. He asked me if I was the leader or the follower. I told him that I had worn the pants in our relationship. I explained that I didn’t really know how to act without having someone to lead and boss around. I felt lost and without a purpose. But in another sense I felt less stressed because I didn’t always have to be making decisions and telling someone what to do. Dr. Hansche said that this was all completely normal in dealing with canine grief. He explained that now was the time for me to let go and let my personality really blossom.

Dr. Hansche told my mama that she could do some things to help me with my grief and find my new role in the world. First, he suggested a training class that uses positive reinforcemenation. We had already done all that but Dr. Hansche explained that dogs keep learning their entire lives and that we should work on some new commands or tricks. He also sumaggested that we go on more outings. It doesn’t have be some big ol’ vamacation…just a walk to the mailbox…a stroll in a park…a ride along to a bank drive through. Anything that will strengthen my bond with my mama and be interesting. Wow, that really sounds like a lot of fun!

He also sumaggested that my mama create some rituals that I can look forward to each day, like a grooming or massage session. And we should play some games together, like hide and seek. Or let me play with a food dispensing toy or hide food around the house or yard for me to find. This was all sounding like so much fun and I was feeling happier than I had felt in days. That Dr. Hansche is a really good dog shrink!

What I figured out was this – by strengthenating my relationship with my mama and her help in my transition to a new stage in my life, I felt free and like I could really let my truly awesome personality shine. Plus, I think that all these fun things with my mama helped her with her grief, too. It just takes time to work through grief for pets and humans. But once we have dealt with our grief and life adjustments, you can come away from a hard loss ready to truly open your heart and love again.

Well, I gots to go. It’s time for my daily massage and then me and mama are going cruisin’ for mens.

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