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well-pet-care-poster-page-001-2-249x300Folks, I have gots some great news to share wid ya’ll. I am so excited!!! Ooops, I just tinkled a little bit. I better tone down my excitementation but this is soooo awesome. Okay, you know how you love your pet so much and want to do everything to keep them healthy, but you just can’t afford to pay for their wellness visit all at one time? Well, now you don’t have to! Drum roll, please! Introducing Cherokee Trail’s Wellness Plans with affordable monthly payments! Holler!

(Editor’s Note: We realize that Lulu has made many spelling and grammatical mistakes in this blog, but it is part of her charm, so we didn’t correct them).

Some folks may be asking,” why do I need to have a wellness visit for my pet when they seem fine at home?” Well, peeps, your pet’s can’t talk like I can, and they can’t tell you when something isn’t feeling good. Cats and dogs age much faster than you hoomans, so it’s important to be proactinative in your pet’s health care. Plus, we are good at hiding weaknesses, like illness, because that is how our anbcestors survived in the wilderness. Preventing illness is much less expensive than treating an illness. You know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of bacon…or something like that!

You folks are not going to believe what all is included in this Wellness Plan! You can get a quick rundown on the Special Offers page of our website. But I’m going to give you a de-tail-ed description! First off, your pet will get TWO physical exams for the year. This is a nose to tail inspection of your pet. A Cherokee Trail vetmernarian will listen to our heart and lungs, feel our absdominal organs, check our bones and joints, look at our teeths and gums, look in our ears and eyes, feel for any lumps or bumps and check our weight. Wow! Now, that’s a checkup! Then, they will recomamend ways to keep us sniffing and wagging at our best!

Next, with the Wellness Plan, your pet will get any needed vaccimanations for the year. Vaccines are important because they help build our immunity against diseases. At Cherokee Trail, our vetmernarians customize their vaccine recomamendations based on your pet’s lifestyle so your pet gets only what they need.

I just love this part! Your pet will get four nail trims per year! I just love a good pedicure! Nail trims are important because overgrown nails are uncomfortable to us when we walk or run. And sometimes they can grow into the pads of our foot and can lead to inbefection! Now, keep in mind, if your furry lil baby turns into a monster for nail trims and we have to sedate your pet for their and our staffs safety, there will be an additional charge. Just sayin!

The next part of the Wellness Plan is the labwork that will analyze your pet’s blood, pee and poop. This is vital information on how our bodies are performanating and can identify problems early when they may be cured or easily maintained. For example, a chemistry panel checks our electromalytes, enzymes and chemical elements to evaluate the condition of our internal organs. Next, a compete blood count, or CBC, measures the number of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets and can diagmanose inbafection or other diseases. An intestinal parasite exam checks our poop for those disgustinating parasites that can harm us but could also be a risk to hoomans. All these tests are part of the Wellness Plan for both dogs and cats.

The Wellness Plan also includes some additional labwork for dogs. We get an urinalysis that checks our pee for protein, sugar, and white blood cells to diagmanose a urinary tract inbafection, diabetes, dehydration, kidney problems and more. We also get a thyroid test to make sure that’s working right. And we get the much needed annual heartworm test to make sure that we are heartworm free. People, heartworms kill!

The kitty cats also get some special labwork just for them, too. They get a FeLV and a FIV test that checks to make sure that your cat does not have one of these immune compromising diseases. People, FeLV and FIV kill!

To top if all off, the Wellness Plan comes with twelve doses of heartworm/flea preventative! Your Cherokee Trail vetmernarian can recomamend the best product to meet your pet’s needs. And instead of having to pay for a year’s supply at one time, this is included in your plan and can be paid with affordable monthly payments! How. cool. is. that?

See, you get a total wellness package that your pet needs and in a budget-friendly way. Now folks, that is a win-win! So, call Cherokee Trail today to sign up and schedule your first appointment for your furry best friend! Well, I gotta jet! It’s time for one of my Wellness Plan pedicures!

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